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Rômulo Gomes

Romulo playing CLEVINGER BASS

Romulo Gomes was born in Campos, Rio de Janeiro, in 1966 . He is a singer, composer, producer, arranger, and bass player based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He plays both the double bass and electric bass, acoustic guitar and folk guitar. His first album was released in 1998, and this year, he will be record
a new album with his own songs. Romulo Gomes is endorsed by CLEVINGER BASS



by Nelson Faria

featuring Romulo Gomes

on Clevinger Concerto bass


rogério botter maio


Classified as Brazilian jazz or instrumental Brazilian music, the repertoire and the group have their uniqueness enhanced by the fact that each musician performs on more than one instrument.


Manu Ducloux



Ivan Lins


In the early 1980's, the enduring love affair between American and Brazilian musicians took a new turn when it was announced that super-producer

Quincy Jones


was looking for a special Brazilian touch on an upcoming album for jazz guitar great

George Benson.


It was percussionist Paulinho da Costa who introduced Quincy to Ivan's music.

The result was 'Dinorah, Dinorah', a Lins original that was included on Benson's million-selling 'Give Me the Night'.



Nominated for “Best Salsa Album of the year” for 2003, winner of many awards in Cuba, at Cubadisco and in EGREM voted “Best Fusion Album” both in 1999 and 2001. He was also voted for “Best Latin Jazz album” in 1995, and “Best Recording” in 2003.


James Simonson

It’s all about bass and working with great people on the highest level possible. It’s my primary goal to make those around me sound great and to have a good time in the process. This bass continues to blow people and the competition out of the water. Thanks again for this awesome instrument!

Sincerely, James Simonson


Lyndsey Patrick


Alan Patrick

Here is a photo of a happy Clevinger Concerto bassist,, and soundfile of a song his band recorded with his Clevinger Bass.


The Electric Upright Bass


A superb musician, Bassist Martin Clevinger is also the designer and manufacture of the CLEVINGER BASS. Martin has been involved in the production and manufacturing of Clevinger-designed musical instruments since 1981. the CLEVINGER BASS sound is a breakthrough in acoustic double bass emulation.


Bassist Martin Clevinger

has served as CEO of several companies and is currently the President of CLEVINGER BASS in Oakland, California. An expert commercial

model builder and an avid and lifelong rail fan, he is also an accomplished artist and oil painter.

Evolution of the Electric Double Bass 

Each CLEVINGER BASS is handmade on demand by Martin Clevinger for each individual bassist. Martin has 7 US Patents on his electric upright bass and related technology, making him the most knowledgeable and intensely researched of any electric double bass maker.



Jennifer Clevinger




Music should and can be fun!! While learning to read notes, and "charts" we work on a progressive and enjoyable experience with the goal to play for and with others. I give yearly recitals, not mandatory.



Piano – Jennifer Clevinger

Drums – Jack Dorsey

Bass – Armin Hammer

Synth – Armin Hammer

Vocals – Jennifer and Armin



in the early and mid-eighties a couple of California radio stations, KALX in Berkeley and KFJC in Los Altos Hills, staged "Louie Louie " marathons lasting several days each, featuring all sorts of oddball renditions by famous and local musicians.   This is our special version of Louie Louie in 5/4, a tip of the hat to Mission Impossible, conceived by Martin Clevinger and recorded & played by Armin Hammer at Fantasy, studio A.





Berklee school of Music in Boston:

The continuing education and music career network from

Berklee College of Music.


Jacob Eller, Clevinger bassist


A native Virginian, Jacob was born in Marion, Virginia and grew up in the neighboring town of Chilhowie. He learned

to play bass at age of 15 on an instrument given to him by his father Randal Eller, who played fiddle and sang in

the band Cleghorn. This was a local band that played mainly for the fun of it, but these musicians were Jacob’s

mentors, teaching him how to work in a band. Jacob began playing professionally in 2003, when he relocated to Berea,

KY to play with his good friend Ryan Blevins’ band, Canebreak. That same year he started performing with the

bluegrass band No Speed Limit before joining

Sierra Hull & Highway 111 in 2009.






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