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A 36 inch scale bass guitar in an improved yet traditional form. Poplar body with sculpted neural crest styling. Its fantastic color is enhanced by a color shifting dichroic lacquer. Other colors and sunbursts available. Burl and flame maple optional.



Unlike most five string bass guitars, the Wide Six has full width spacing: .75” between strings at the bridge. Width at the nut is 1.995”, and there are 25.75 frets easily accessible. Through-body laminated neck for maximum sustain and brilliant tone. Pickups are Seymour Duncan Basslines made to Clevinger specs. Neck position pickup is J-style, with extra wide, spaced pole pieces for full width string spacing. The bridge position pickup is a Stingray type Humbucker, a massive pickup for brute power. The biggest magnetic pickup ever made! MIDI option available on all models. 4 & 5 string available.

Clevinger MJ Wide 4 $ 5599.00
w/chameleon dichroic lacquer

Clevinger MJ Wide 5 5799.00
w/chameleon dichroic lacquer

Clevinger MJ Wide 6 5999.00
w/chameleon dichroic lacquer

Clevinger MJ Poly Drive Wide 5 $ 6399.00
MIDI capable

Clevinger MJ Poly Drive Wide 6 6599.00
MIDI capable

Gig Bag - Black Cordura 239.00

Sunburst, your choice of color 399.00

Flame Maple or burl top 399.00
and headstock






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