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Clevinger has the only playable MIDI interface for bass in the world! The tracking is immediate with no delay.

Why MIDI? Musical Instrument Digital Interface enables your instrument to: Sound like any instrument of the orchestra, or even instruments form other planets! Control samplers, synths, effects devices & sound libraries. Communicate with any MIDI device, such as a keyboard, rack module, your computer or digital studio, even play on the Internet! Create an entire musical production using just your bass with a MIDI studio. Now, your bass can talk to your computer, using the wide range of music transcription software to produce professional quality sheet music.

Improvements in MIDI detection make it possible to track bass notes. The Axon AX 100 SB is our MIDI interface of choice and is available in a package with our 6 string CLEVINGER IMPERION, or any Clevinger model of your choice. If you already own a Roland or Yamaha interface, you too may use our MIDI Clevinger Imperion as a better controller.

The RMC Polyphonic Pizz Arco Bridge was specially designed for Clevinger. This digital ready bridge pickup system is precision engineered to aerospace tolerances. It's space age composite material yields optimal MIDI signals and amazingly clear full analog tone, bowed or plucked. The onboard Poly Drive I circuitry gives the best analog tone and MIDI capability.


Assuming you are already familiar with the scope of live performance and studio options that MIDI opens up to the bassist and not been sold on MIDI. Perhaps you've already seen a guitarist sound like a Hammond B3 and were shocked by this. Maybe you have decided MIDI is not for you. Please consider the following:


As and instructional tool for learning good intonation, there is simply no better means. The bassist is now able to essentially play a duet with him or herself. Your playing partner, the MIDI device, has impeccable intonation (with pitch bend setting OFF). You may now adjust the volume mix between yourself and your MIDI "partner's" voice, and as you gain confidence, you can increase your own volume, The results of this type of practice are astounding. Even a veteran player will be made aware of his or her intonation problems.

INVISIBLE FRETS: Precision bass? For the first time, the double bassist can play absolutely in tune even if the bassist can't hear the instrument. This is achieved by using the MIDI voice with the chromatic setting (pitch bend OFF). It's like having INVISIBLE FRETS.

Eddie Van Halen's Custom Clevinger







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